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Jun 7, 2011Community Engagement Plan 2011-12
Community engagement is established as a core function of the LHINs. As outlined in the newly established LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit, community engagement refers to the methods by which LHINs interact, share, and gather information from and with local stakeholders. Community engagement activities can be ongoing or project specific.
Apr 6, 2011Central West LHIN Summary of Somali Community Engagement
On Saturday, March 5th, 2011, the Central West LHIN planned and organized a community engagement session with the Somali residents located in the Etobicoke/ Rexdale/ Dixon area.  The session was well attended with diverse members from the community including women, men, youth, children and seniors from.  The objectives of the session were to educate the residents about the Central West LHIN and facilitate discussions with the local community to identify key healthcare needs.  More importantly, the LHIN’s community engagement session with the Somali community aimed to get a deeper understanding of the community’s perspectives of the healthcare system and suggested solutions on how to meet the community’s needs. 
Feb 17, 2011LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit - February 2011 - FINAL
This document is intended to be used for all LHIN community engagement activities in an effort to promote consistency across the province. These documents contain the minimum core requirements for LHINs community engagement and may be supplemented by adding more material so long as the existing minimum specifications remain the same.
Feb 17, 2011Primary Care Physician Engagement Resource Guide and Toolkit v1.0 December 2010
Effective primary care is essential to a high performing health system. Well integrated primary care models can achieve distinct health, service and system goals simultaneously. Research indicates that improvements in health care require direct and meaningful involvement of physicians.
Sep 23, 2010Socio-demographic Profile of the Francophone Population
Sociodemographic Profile of the Francophone Population of the Central West Local Health Integration Network - Final Report May 2010
Aug 13, 2009Primary Health Care Needs in Bolton - A Discussion Paper
In June 2008, the Central West Local Health Integration Network (CW LHIN) conducted a comprehensive analysis of the health care needs of the Central West Region and set out a plan of action for addressing these needs over the next several years. The plan was developed based on the following five principles:
Jul 17, 2009Back Office Integration - Report
The Central West LHIN has embarked on an initiative to explore options to integrate back-office functions.This initiative is driven by the Central West LHIN’s ongoing strategic vision to improve access to health careservices by ensuring resources are used optimally and focused on the client. This work investigates thepotential to improve efficiencies in back office functions through health service providers working together. Itis envisaged that the study will provide strategic direction to the Central West LHIN and inform its decision toproceed further down the back-office integration route, based on evidence and analysis gathered during thisoptions development stage.
Nov 6, 2008Physician Engagement Report - Brampton Nov.6 2008
A joint Ontario Medical Association and Central West Local Health Integration Network Physician Engagement Workshop was held on Thursday, November 6th at the Courtyard by Marriott in Brampton. The session provided physicians with information about the Central West LHIN, their ongoing planning activities, and an opportunity for open-forum dialogue with LHIN staff and Board members.
The Dufferin Mental Health and Addictions Planning Project was initiated in the fall of 2007 to address the recognized concerns regarding service capacity and the circumstance in which the Dufferin community finds itself, now being part of the Central West LHIN area. Dufferin has historically been aligned, for planning, system management, and delivery, with what is now the Waterloo Wellington LHIN catchment area. Dufferin County service delivery was managed prior to the development of the LHIN structure in Ontario through the Waterloo Region-Wellington-Dufferin District Health Council. During the Mental Health Reform processes in 2001-2, Dufferin was included as part of the South West Mental Health Implementation catchment area. 
Jul 4, 2008CW LHIN A@H Detailed Directional Plan
The Aging at Home Detailed Service Plan continues work begun with the development of the Aging at Home Directional Plan developed by the Central West LHIN in October, 2007. The Central West LHIN’s Detailed Plan will keep seniors healthy by providing a comprehensive mix of both traditional and innovative services for seniors and their caregivers.
Jun 13, 2008CW LHIN Health System Plan Report- website
HEALTH SYSTEM PLAN REPORT OVERVIEWThe Health System Plan final draft report outlines a number of strategic goals for a person-centred, community-based health system, including reinforcing the expectation that people improve their health by making healthy lifestyle choices and that health service providers share accountability for improved health care outcomes.  
Mar 31, 2008SUMMARY REPORT - Taking a Best Practice Approach to Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
The Central West LHIN’s initial Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) identified Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CDP&M) as one of its priorities for work over the next three years. To launch integration work, a Leadership Forum was held on March 30th 2007. This report provides a summary of this event and outlines next steps to improve CDP&M in the Central West LHIN.
Mar 6, 2008Maternal Child Health Plan (CW LHIN March 5 2008)
BUILDING A PLAN FOR MATERNAL CHILD HEALTH IN THE CENTRAL WEST LHIN - Summary Report from the Planning Day held on January 29, 2008 
Jan 21, 2008Public forum report on the implementation of the Aging at Home Strategy
 The Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) hosted a public forum to gather the opinions of the French-speaking community on the implementation of the Aging at Home Strategy designed to help seniors stay healthy, active and live independent lives within the comfort of their own home. The forum was held on Sunday, November 25, 2007 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Francophone community centre, Le Cercle de l’Amitié, 1780 Meadowvale Boulevard in Mississauga. 43 Francophones were present at the forum and most of the attendees were seniors. 
Jan 4, 2008Summary of the Peel Memorial Site Study Review
Summary of the Peel Memorial Hospital site study by PWC, Agnew Peckham and Stantec. The goal for the project was to determine whether the previous studies provide sufficient information to evaluate the potential, non-program-specific health services use of the existing PMH site, in whole or in part.