The Central West LHIN

A mosaic of geographic and cultural diversity and home to over 922,000 local residents, the Central West LHIN plans, integrates, funds and monitors the local health care system for the regions of Brampton, Caledon, Dufferin, Malton, north Etobicoke and west Woodbridge. Map / Read more...

News and Events

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    Telehomecare in the Central West LHIN

    Laurie Poole talks Telehomecare in the Central West LHIN.


    Providing patients with improved transition and better access to coordinated care.

    Working Together to Build Osler

    Transforming Etobicoke General Hospital

    Health Care Connect

    Find a family doctor or nurse practitioner close to home.

    Central West Health Line

    Health information in your community.

    IHSP 2016-2019

    Together Making Healthy Change Happen

    Ontario's Action Plan for Health Care

    Improving health care experiences and outcomes.