Peel Cheshire Homes Inc

Peel Cheshire Homes Brampton installed the Aetonix Communications System in its residential facility for the purpose of giving residents increased independence, dignity and respect, control over their own lives, and as an added safety feature for both residents and staff.

The Aetonix System is a technology based tool. Each resident wears a bracelet which is connected to a tablet in their room, and both of these items are connected to two staff mobiles on site. The resident can push a button on the bracelet when they require staff support. In addition, the system will detect if a resident experiences a fall or has wandered from the building, sending an immediate alert to staff. Staff can also use the system to communicate with other staff in the building or with an offsite On-Call Manager in the event of an emergency. Since installing Aetonix Peel Cheshire Homes Brampton has already averted several possible emergency situations.

In addition, a goal for the Aetonix system was to enhance the quality of residents’ lives by connecting them virtually to family and friends. Residents can connect with family and friends anywhere in the world with a simple touch of a picture on the tablet screen. One resident has reconnected with his niece in England, who he hadn’t seen in 15 years. Another, with her mother whom she had not seen in 10 years. The joy and excitement they experience after every call is contagious, and impacts not only their happiness but that of all the other residents and staff alike.

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