The Central West LHIN 2017 Quality Awards

Healthy Change: Making It Happen denotes a shared sense of responsibility. It reflects an understanding and acceptance that by working together as a collaborative team of health service providers (HSPs), community partners and the LHIN organization, we can do so much more to bring about “healthy change” across the local health care system.

A celebration of quality and excellence, the Central West LHIN Quality Awards recognize the achievements of local teams as they relate to strategic directions and initiatives outlined in the LHIN’s 2016-2019 Integrated Health Service Plan.

Within its quality framework, the Central West LHIN has adopted attributes associated with Health Quality Ontario’s definition of a high-quality health system – a health system that delivers world-leading safe, effective, patient-centered services, efficiently and in a timely fashion, resulting in optimal health status for all communities.

In addition to demonstrating results within the context of these attributes, submissions must demonstrate the following:

  • the use of quality improvement principles
  • the use of change management principles
  • the use of partnerships to achieve outcomes (at least one
  • of the partners must be funded by the Central West LHIN)
  • measureable change in health outcomes and/or experiences
  • for patients/clients, and;
  • focused on the timeframe of 2015/16 fiscal to the present time.


Palliative Patient Early Identification 

Central West CCAC and Central West Palliative Care Network





Physician Initial Assessment & Emergency Department Length of Stay 

William Osler Health System (Etobicoke General Hospital)


Aetonix Communication System 

Peel Cheshitre Homes Inc. 


Reducing Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotic Medications

Avalon Retirement Centre


Prevention of Error-Based Transfers (PoET)
William Osler Health System



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