Board of Directors Resource Library

This section is intended to provide prospective and new Central West LHIN Board Members with meaningful information applicable to various stages of the application and orientation process.

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Interview Pre-read By First Board Meeting Additional Reference

Ontario's LHINs and the Health Care System

Map - Ontario's 14 LHINs

Patients First Act (2016)     
Minister Mandate Letter     

Ontario's Action Plan for Health Care - Patients First


FAQs - Ontario's LHINs


LHIN System Accountabilities

Ministry-LHIN Accountability Agreement


Ministry-LHIN Memorandum of Understanding


Board of Directors By-Laws 1 & 2


Central West LHIN Profile



Mission, Vision, Values


Environmental Scan - Population & Health Profiles


Health Service Providers & Community Partners


Central West LHIN Strategic Plan, Reports & Financials

Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP)


Annual Reports & Annual Business Plans (incl. communications & community engagement plans, current operating budget and audited financial statements)



Board Work Plan, Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

Board Member Biographies and Terms of Appointment


Schedule of Board and Committee Meetings


Minutes of Previous Board Meetings (incl. Board Member attendance... see Board Meeting materials)



Structure and Membership

CEO Performance Review & Compensation

Finance & Audit






(To be updated)


Currently being updated

Terms of Reference / Workplan

Terms of Reference / Workplan

Currently being updated

Terms of Reference / Workplan


Oath of Office



Board Work Plan



Priority Setting & Decision Making Framework


Board Conduct, Policies & Directives

Code of Conduct / Board Effectiveness Policy 


Conflict of Interest Policy


Travel, Meal, Hospitality Expense Directive


New Perquisites Directive


Executive Limitations / Delegation of LHIN Signing Authorities Policy

Financial Authority Policy

Finanical Authority Policy - Transfer Payment

            Delegation of Non-Financial Decisions to the CEO Policy




LHIN Guide to Good Governance/Policy Handbook


Delegations to Board Meetings Policy


Central West LHIN Complaints Policy 





Commitment to Future of Medicare Act


Excellent Care for All Act



Broader Public Sector Accountability Act


French Language Services Act


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act


Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act


Management Board of Cabinet Procurement Directives


Public Service of Ontario Act


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


Canada Health Act


Community Care Access Corporations Act


Health Protection and Promotion Act


Healthcare Consent Act


Local Health System Integration act (2006)     

Long Term Care Homes Act


Mental Health Act


Personal Health Information and Protection Act


Public Hospitals Act